L'histoire de Lucie

A few words by Loreta Lamargese.

From Lucie cakes are morsels of a still life painting, each delicately composed from a palette of flowers and carefully flavored icing sitting atop inspired choices from olive oil to earl grey cakes. With flavors rotating based on baker Lucie's farmers market discoveries, and each meticulously curated by her own hand, From Lucie provides individualized edible splendor.

Finding inspiration in the unexpected combination of seasonal ingredients, From Lucie is born out of her environment’s flavors. Icing is used in lieu of fondant to extract the richest flavors from elderflowers to rosemary. Finally, all cakes are topped with organic and locally grown flowers, whose stems would otherwise be too short for a florist’s use. These subtle combinations are sumptuous while never excessively sweet.

Lucie began From Lucie as a love story with the French countryside, where she was raised. Her baking career begins helping her mother in their Bordeaux kitchen making cakes for the guests at the bnb the family ran on their vineyard’s property. Drawing inspiration from the earthy flavors and high-quality ingredients of the family farm, From Lucie’s cakes are infused with provinciel lifestyle and the ease and warmth of home baking.

Between her youth and beginning the company in 2020, Lucie studied art history in the UK and worked in art galleries in New York. She ventured to return home, not physically, but in the pursuit of baking, taking with her a curated palette and inventiveness found in both art and nature.

Today From Lucie cakes are carried in some of New York’s favorite cafes and restaurants, from Ten Bells to Sunday to Sunday. Individual orders are always baked by Lucie herself in her Lower East Side kitchen, with each cake composed according to an ever-changing bouquet.